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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Vinegar barrel

So I got the vinegar barrel going good today. I've been making cider
vinegar in a 5 gallon oak barrel for a couple of years now, and really
like it. In fact I think my near-daily tonic of vinegar, honey, and tap
(well) water helps me to fend off a lot of life's creepy crawlies.
Anyway, I'm planning to offer bottled vinegar for sale, hopefully next
fall. I made an extra 40 gallons or so of cider, fermented in the
garage in an HDPE barrel. Last weekend I pumped it over into my old 60
gallon oak cider barrel which is sitting in a heated, insulated corner
of the garage. NO vinegar makin' near the cider in the house, mind you.
So today I bottled off the rest of my small barrel and poured the lees
and mother into the big batch to get things workin'. I'll try to keep
this section posted on the results and to announce when I might have
some ready.

Next year, two barrels!



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