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Monday, February 05, 2007

Deer Fence!!

Think you don't need deer protection for your young trees? Think again! I have always said that deer are likely the greatest pest of young fruit trees in Vermont. Here is a four-year old State Fair tree on Antonovka, full-size rootstock:
Fourth year growth
This tree is planted at the edge of my yard, thirty feet from my front door, OUTSIDE the deer fence. Obviously planting next to a house will not keep deer away.

Then we have a three-year old Newtown Pippin on M9 fully-dwarfing rootstock planted maybe fifty feet away INSIDE the fence:Third year growth
I'm 6'2", so this dwarf tree is already at eight feet or more in it;'s third year, and started fruiting last year.

A quick shot of part of the fence:Deer Fence
Ten strands of electrified high tensile wire. It was relatively cheap (~$1000) for the protection it has provided and area it covers. Considering the value of what's inside, it's a bargain.

Contact my fence guys at Wellscroft fencing for help protecting your plantings.



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