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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Vermont Life Plugs LostMeadow

SO the current issue of Vermont Life (Autumn 2007...who the hell calls it 'Autumn, anyway?) gives my little cider hobby a two-sentence plug, one of which is my recommendations of commercial ciders from Vermont. I guess the cider season, five weeks away now, is officially starting as I hoe through the garage transforming it from a place to park, then to stash stuff all summer, into a sanitary cider mill. Cider hounds go here to get the skinny, then email or call me to set up your squeezin's. 2007 is looking to be a 'vintage' cider year, so this will be a great season to start cidermaking or to continue your tradition. Since things are starting up, I'll be a lot more active on the cider blog as the coming weeks unfold, free time be damned...

Oh, and about those VT (hard) ciders I listed, somehow my mention of Mac Jack from Grandview Winery in my town got left out. My apologies.



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