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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Re: PRESS RELEASE: Lost Meadow Cider Mill Opens September 22, 2007


Thanks for the compliments. The website was initially put together in spare moments on baby leave a couple of winters ago. Anything new is easy to submit/tweak, although I don't do it as often as I should.

As for 'why cider', I guess it has allowed me to develop a unique form of art. My brother is a musician,I have friends who are athletes, and in this I found my thing. As an apple grower/researcher I help mainstream farmers figure out better ways to make a living. As a cidermaker I get to play out my strengths as a grower in a whole new field where my creativity is encouraged and, after a decade of messing around, rewarded. I also feel like I am keeping alive a culture that is all too easily forgotten. That culture includes not only the centuries-old European cider traditions, but also the more recent New England tradition of cidermaking. My great grandfather was known all over West Hill in Chelsea for his cider, even though he was nearly a teetotaler (he made it for friends and the help). Eventually I would like my orchard, when fully folded into the operation, to extend itself as a true community orchard, as we had in the middle of the last century.

So it's a combination of things; art, history, culture, even having a 'knack' for apples. Considering that I had no intention of any farming-type work while I was growing up (on a farm nonetheless) it was pretty cool to find unique trade, and it happened at a time in my life where a direction was needed. So the home cider operation I guess is my personal spin on this little path that life through me on. And I guess that it doesn't hurt that I like cider.

Thanks again, and see you Saturday?


Sylvia Fagin wrote:

>Hi Terry, thanks a ton for your time last week--I am piecing together the story and I am impressed by your extensive web site! When do you find the time for that, work, and child?
>Here's a question: Why the cider? What about making your own cider is so appealing that you've planted an orchard? Inquiring minds want to know.....


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