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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Cider Season 2009 Comes to a Close

After a busy weekend, and plenty more cleaning up to do tomorrow, the
Lost Meadow 2009 Cider Season is closed, at least the retail end. I
still have my fermenting stocks to tend to (including my annual keeve
that I'll set up tomorrow), as do many of the smart/lucky folks who
stepped up to get their share.

The 2009 season by the numbers:

Weekends open: 8...definitely too many, next year we'll shave a few off
in September. I don't expect to decrease total production much if any,
just concentrate on those peak weeks.
Number of pressings: 42
Total gallons squeezed: 828
Fermenting blends: 55% of total, we'll bump that up next year
Profit (cash in - apples and expendable supplies): $1623. This doesn't
account for equipment, space, improvements, my orchard (or its apples),
trucking, or any other indirect/fixed costs.
Estimated wage/hour: ~$10, ignoring the above considerations.

Getting rich? Hell no, and a P&L sheet would have me losing money.
Having fun? Of course, that's why we do it. Tired and ready for a
break? You bet, we'll do it again next year. Looking forward to this
season's cidre, come spring? Of course.

Thanks folks,



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