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Friday, September 24, 2010

Getting ready for squeezin' season 2010

After mulling and flip-flopping about what cidering I'd be doing this season, I'm now getting things lined up for opening weekend, October 2-3. Jugged sweet cider will be flowing, and I'll be filling carboys for those who have lined such up with me ahead of time. The following weekend (10/9-10) it's sweet cider only, we have company coming and I can't spend the whole weekend in the mill. Follow that (10/16-17, 23-34, 30-31) with three full sessions of sweet and fermenting blends. Let me know ASAP if you want to fill a carboy and make your own cider, Vermont's original and most traditional libation.

The apple season has been a bit different from some years, but we're going with the flow. There are almost zero local fruit in farmhouse and feral orchards, so I'll be relying more on my time-honored blends of Champlain Valley base ciders and European-type bittersweet ciders from the Upper Valley of New Hampshire. I've been making cider from some of these same trees consistently for 15 years, so the quality of juice should be unmatched as always. And 2010, after the late spring frosts anyway, has been a tremendously good growing season, so expect high sugars and intense flavors in your fermenting stock.

See you all at the mill, and remember that once November rolls around we're putting it back to bed for the winter!



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