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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Re: Hard Cider Customer

> Terry,
> I got your name from a friend. I'm in Jericho, and looking to make my
> own hard cider. I have no experience, knowledge, equipment, etc, of
> the process. I understand you provide help in getting things going
> such as information, cider, bottles etc.
> Is this correct? When might be a good time to talk more about getting
> a setup for this Fall?
> Thanks,
> XX


Thanks for your interest. Yes, I can set you up with everything you need
except bottles. I open the mill on weekends in September and October,
but the best fermenting juice is here in October. Folks who want to make
hard cider sign up ahead of time, just tell me how much juice you want
(typically in 5-gallon increments) and what weekend you want to pick it
up. Pickups are best mid-day on Sundays.

Have a read here to get more on what I do:


Terry B

XX wrote:


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