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Monday, December 22, 2008

Cider Vinegar Available

Hey Folks:

I still have a good bit of my all-natural Live Mother Cider Vinegar
around, so if anyone wants some, give me a shout via the email link in
the right column. Price same as in the garage, $7 for 750 ml. Bulk
orders are good, I'd do a case for $60 ($5 per bottle).


Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Miss'n Apple Cider"

Don't know about the 'rotten fruit' part, but this is pretty cool (I'll even let it mess with my window size):

[Fwd: Commercial Cider Mills in Washington State]


Just read through your website and would like to provide some more cider
mills for your consideration.

I am a fairly new home cider maker with no financial connections to some
of the commercial cider mills (Sweet & Hard Cider) from around
Washington State (from a short Google search):



There is also a Pacific Northwest Cider Society that may be of interest,
see their site at:

Best Regards,

Thursday, December 11, 2008

2008 Cider Season by the Numbers

Sweet Juice (jugs) sold......279 gallons
Sweet juice unsold (vinegar, frozen, given away)......111 gal
Fermenting stock sold......243 gal
TB's fermenting stock......100 gal; 1/2 will go to vinegar
Vinegar sold......4 cases
Total # Squeezes......54
Total Gallons Squeezed......780
Profit (juice sales - apples, jugs,etc.)......$1800
Mill improvements (Pan, steelwork, paint)......$450
Net Profit......$1350
Hours spent......100 (very conservative)
Return on time ($/hour)......$13.50

Not included is initial cost of mill, home orchard, etc that could
probably be amortized over say ten years for about $350 per year, puts
my time under $10 per hour.

Obviously I don't do this for money, but more to spread the good cider
culture about and cover my expenses while I'm at it. Also not taken
into account here is the lack of a day off from Labor Day to Halloween,
and Julie's time spent tending to Alice and out home life alone while
I'm squeezing away. I need to officially thank Julie and Alice for all
they deal with while I'm hiding out in the garage on weekends.

Worth it? Yes, but I'm always glad when the season's over, and look
forward to it as it begins. Sounds like it's balanced itself out a
little. And no, I don;t ever plan on going into November.